OK, let’s get down to the business of getting this nonprofit going! Lots of things to say and report in upcoming blog posts, but I’m most excited about preparing for having a student intern. This snazzy internship will be the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Digital Storymakers Foundation.

Digital Storymakers Foundation is a registered nonprofit in North Carolina, but so far, Storymakers is just a twinkle in my eye. That doesn’t really cut it for federal nonprofit status and all the fun things that come with that – I hope to build a strong community around this effort. We will eventually be producing open-source story management systems (rather than content┬ámanagement┬ásystems) for community-based digital archiving websites. Storymakers wants you and your family or community to preserve and own your stories forever. But right now we need to build a little infrastructure. That’s where an intern can help.

Stay tuned for details and follow http://twitter.com/storymakers!

Mike Nutt

Digital Storymakers Foundation President

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